With Valentine’s Day quickly approaching, I pray that you come to know Jesus as the One who melts your heart. He loves you like no one else. Whether you are married or single, He is your Valentine all year long. He loves you like no one else on the face of this earth ever could. He loves you completely.

Jesus knows every facet of your heart. He knows everything you’ve done. He knows how you feel about yourself, even though you wear masks that display something else to the entire world. He looks at you with eyes of incredible compassion and love.

He sees the pain in your heart. He doesn’t think it’s “dumb” that you hurt the way you do. He wants you to come to Him with this pain, because He wants to heal your heart. He is The Healer. That’s what He does.

He knows.

He wants you to trust Him. He understands that trusting does not always come easily for you. He is the One who is perfect and will never hurt you. He is the One who treasures your heart and who desires to hold your heart when it aches.

He sees you.

He wants you to give your heart to Him. He understands everything you’ve ever been through, and all of the ways you have been hurt. He knows the pain you’ve caused others and all the regrets you have as well…and He still loves you.

Turn to Him, take that huge chance and open your heart up to Him completely. Maybe you’ve done that with other people in the past and deeply regretted it. Jesus is the One who loves you perfectly, though. He does not use. He does not abuse. He does not do anything out of selfish motives. He is the One who loves you for your heart, not your body.

An encounter with the One who created intimacy wipes away the desire for counterfeits who promise what they can never deliver.

You don’t have to hide from Him out of shame. He already knows. Give Him all that you are, all that you have done. If you have asked Him to forgive you for anything you’ve ever done, He already has. If you are being continually reminded of it, this is not Jesus or God the Father reminding you. That is your enemy who seeks to destroy you who is reminding you.

Jesus has a way of taking everything you have ever done and fixing it. He redeems your past and restores you. He has the capacity to make all things new; even that seemingly “impossible” thing that weighs on your mind all the time.

He loves you.

I pray today that you receive a brand new revelation of His heart for you. I pray that you see how much He loves you and how He sees you. You are His beloved. You need to understand that He looks at you and calls you His beloved. You are beautiful to Him. You do not have to hide anything from him, because He already knows. He loves you regardless, and only desires that you know how much He loves you. He wants you to give all of these things to Him that weigh you down. He will carry them.

Give Him your heart…as much as you know how to. He is the one you can trust. He will show you the way. Keep your eyes on Him, and He will show you how to do this. You do not have to figure it out on your own or stop doing that “one thing” before you can come to Him.

Follow Him.

He wants you to come to Him now. He’s waiting for you with arms open wide. Jesus is a perfect gentleman. Even if this is all intimidating to you…He knows. Jesus is NEVER One to rush anything.

You are His beloved.

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