Amy Riordan, Founder of Walking in Freedom Ministries

In 2010 the Holy Spirit started prompting me to begin publicly sharing my testimony of how Jesus had been healing my heart. He had set me free from a pornography addiction and had been untangling so much concerning my sexual identity along with many other aspects of my life.

Although I was terrified to do so, (that’s an understatement) I knew God was giving me grace to obediently step out and start sharing what He had been doing in my life over a 2-year period at that point.

I soon created a blog (originally called Walking in Freedom) and started sharing my story. Before I knew it, I had women from all over the world emailing me to tell me they were so encouraged to know they weren’t alone.

Several years later, that same blog eventually grew into Walking in Freedom Ministries, where I have enjoyed helping, equipping, and ministering to women in various different capacities.

My heart is to help all women walk in freedom by pursuing deeper intimacy with the Lord and embracing who He created them to be.

These are several of the different ways I do this through Walking in Freedom Ministries:

  • Individual prayer ministry sessions (in person and on Zoom) for women seeking heart healing, freedom, and a deeper connection with the Lord.
  • Individual coaching (in person and on Zoom) for those who feel stuck and want to move forward, heart healing, shame, breaking strongholds, identity, persevering through long trials, chronic illness, sexuality, pornography addiction, and wanting to pursue deeper intimacy with Jesus
  • Group coaching programs for those wanting to overcome obstacles to build deeper intimacy with Jesus
  • Articles, resource guides, and online courses (see my resource page)
  • Biweekly podcast where I help equip women to pursue deeper intimacy with Jesus and embrace who He created them to be
  • Books I have written for women wrestling with their sexuality and/or sexual strongholds
  • Confidential Zoom groups held for women throughout the year
  • An email newsletter is sent out twice a month. You can sign up for it here.
  • Locally (Western PA) I offer in-person coaching, individual prayer ministry, groups for women

This ministry is funded by the generous financial support of others. Financial gifts make it possible for me to continue helping others in these ways. If you would like to help support this ministry by giving a financial donation, you can do so here.

Thanks for stopping by! If you have any questions or would like to chat, please do not hesitate to reach out.