We drove to Kentucky to go to the Ark Encounter a couple of days ago. I thought it would be good for the kids to see. So often we can grow up learning bible stories that stay as almost fairytale-like stories in our minds.

I thought this trip would help to make everything more realistic for them. What it did was bring it to life for ME. (I should have known by now that’s how it usually works!)

As I saw this huge ark from the outside and then took the time to walk through it, I was struck over and over again with just how much obedience, perseverance, and trust in God it must have taken for Noah to build (and finish) this ark.

This had me thinking about something that I am still pondering today…

Am I doing what God has called me to do?

He hasn’t told me to build an actual ark (that’s good!) but am I doing the other things He has entrusted me to do?

Am I listening to Him, or am I listening to others who have mocked me (or might mock me later)?

Have I looked too far ahead and been overwhelmed, instead of persevering with what He has promised to walk me through – step by step?

God didn’t tell Noah to build the ark in a day. It took many years for him to finish. It took years of perseverance when others didn’t understand what he was doing. He looked foolish.

God hasn’t told us to build anything in a day, either.

It’s one day at a time.

It’s putting one foot in front of the other, day after day, following Him.

Will people make fun of us and mock us? Yes.

Will people think we’re crazy? Yes.

Will people misunderstand us? Yes.

God will walk us through whatever He has called us to do, though. He will send people to help us along the way. These people will probably shift and change over time. Other times we will seemingly be completely alone and will have no one but God, Himself, standing with us to finish what He has called us to do.

That’s actually a very good place to be.

In many ways, that’s where I feel like I have been for the longest time.

What about you?

If you got off track from what God has promised to equip you to do and you gave up (or never started in the first place) it’s not too late to start again.

Don’t let shame or fear talk you out of it. (I’m speaking to myself here as well.)

Don’t let the picture of the huge ark overwhelm you. You can start now – with your focus on Jesus. He will help you. Step by step. You can’t do this on your own. He knows that.

Surrender your God-appointed “ark” to Jesus. He will help you do what He has called you to do – one piece of lumber at a time.

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